ArDe collections are inspired by needs of modern women. The style is urbanistic. By observing the changes in the world ArDe tries to express them in the models by creating not only comfortable and practical clothes for women, but also by bringing charm, elegance and grace into everyday looks.
Our age of high-tech projects minimalistic and laconic moods. This is the reason why ArDe collections are performed in geometric lines and muted colors.

I am not seeking inspiration in the collections of other designers and do not follow them. My ideas are coming spontaneously, like if I suddenly see the vision of how my models should look like. Moreover, I know immediately what texture of fabric I will use. I believe that in order to design clothes three elements are inevitably needed: creativity, fantasy and hard work. I also believe that a designer must be very good at sewing. Because when he or she starts to create a model, it is a must to understand how to sew it correctly. The person has to live in harmony. One of elements of being in harmony is an appearance. That is why by creating my models I am striving to achieve that they are modern and fashionable, but at the same time very comfortable. I believe that the best is to do what you love, to surprise and to make happy other people.

Natalija Belogaj

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